Performance monitoring API

Our monitoring network consists of over 100,000 probes distributed across the whole World. We are able to test network parameters such as latencies, routing and throughput from most of the consumer ISPs. We offer direct access to clients through our API and our set of network monitoring tools.

Use Cases

Powerful troubleshooting for Cloud Services

It is essential for any cloud service operator to know how their content is delivered in real-world scenarios. Depending on the internet routing, the content can be delivered quickly using CDN or other caching technologies, or can also be routed more slowly to a data centre on another continent. Network operations teams can take advantage of the ProbeAPI's variety of latency measurements as well as reverse trace routes topinpoint the source of the problem even when network paths are asymmetrical.

Network planning

Are you deciding where to place your next data centre or which networks to peer with? Having a large number of vantage points to test different network links is crucial for making informed decisions. ProbeAPI can uncover POPs of cloud providers as well as how they are being connected with ISPs. The ability to run trace routes from most of the consumer ISPs in the world can guide network planning strategies for infrastructure companies and cache deployment strategies for CDN, OTT or media companies.

An Engine that powers cloud comparison services

Our Probe API platform is the ultimate toolset for running accurate cloud benchmarks from thousands of consumer ISPs. Using our Probe API your monitoring tools can be enriched with capabilities to run tests from any combinations of ISPs worldwide. Unlike most of the monitoring tools out there, Probe API runs exclusively on last-mile networks and therefore gives the true end-to-end performance of your infrastructure giving you the most valuable perspective for evaluating cloud services.

Live Stats

23 512 Probes online in 160 countries