1. Which tests do you support?

    API allows to run tests such as ICMP ping, traceroute, HTTP GET, web page load, DNS and DIG. Do you require something else? Contact us.

  2. Can I use your API for free?

    Yes! If you are non-comercial entity such as researcher, hobbyist, university or others, you can take advantage of our basic plan for free. If you wish to use the API in commercial environment then we require signing up to one of our affordable monthly plans.

  3. Can I run scheduled tests?

    Yes! Please sign up for free trial of our cloud performance monitoring product CloudPerf.

  4. Where are the probes hosted?

    Most of the probes are in the last-mile therefore represent accurate picture of the end-user latency.

  5. What hardware the probes run on?

    Probes are software based installed on Windows computers of our users. We are working on app based probes for mobile devices.

  6. How do you get so many probes?

    We have been in the internet performance testing business since 2007 as our company operates number of popular speed test websites. As part of providing speed test solutions to our customers, we ask for a permission to use their internet connection to run 3rd party tests. If you wish to check how it works, see one of our probe clients integrated here.

  7. How can I install probe in our network?

    At the moment we do not have a dedicated client just for ProbeAPI ready. If you have a Windows XP or higher. You can install our SpeedChecker Scheduler service which will enable the probe API within your network.

  8. Why I am not receiving all the probe results that I ask for?

    Each call to the API has probeLimit parameter which specifies maximum number of results you get. This is important as each result is counted towards your monthly quota. However, we do not guarantee that each API response will respond exactly with the maximum number of results. The reason is that probes can go offline at any time. If probes go offline during the test execution we will not be able to send the results back to you. You should experiment with setting best probeLimit for each call to make sure you get enough results at all times for your scenario.

  9. What are the limitations of the free trial?

    We provide 7 day free trial for the Probe API access. Free trial allows up to 100 requests from one IP address per day. If you exceed the limit, you will be notified to upgrade to our paid plans.